Hand and Arm Tingling

Are You Experiencing Hand or Arm Tingling?

An aggravating condition that affects the hand and arm is the uncomfortable sensation of tingling andCarpal Tunnel Wrist Pain numbness.   This ‘pins and needles’ sensation may occur when you sit for prolonged periods like at your desk at work.  It can occur when you are working with your arms lifted for extended periods of time.  It can even be felt when you are lying in be or when you first awake.

This can be distressing when you don’t see a cause of these symptoms.  However, sensation in your hands and arms don’t start there.  They start in the nerves in your neck and travel down to your arms to the hands.  The cause or source of this problem is usually in the neck and spinal column.  It can be caused when there is a disruption of normal nerve connectivity from a blockage or irritation.

Kentucky Neurology and Rehab in Lexington, Kentucky understands that treating pain and numbness in the extremities is about treating the nervous system.  We will determine where the blockage or problem is that is causing your hand and arm tingling, and treat the source of the problem in the spine.   We also will diagnose and treat tingling in the legs and feet as well.

Some people immediately think that pain and numbness in the arm is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  This is often not the case and seeking a professional can help determine the cause of your discomfort.

Contact Kentucky Neurology and Rehab for a consultation with our board-certified Neurologist and Practitioners if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.

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