What If You Could

Run … Pain Free

Swim…With No Aches

Jump…Like You Used To


Walk Up Or Down Steps Pain Free

Live… Pain Free

Play With Grandkids

Play Your Favorite Sport

Lift Weights

Ride Your Bike

Drive Long Distances

Throw A Ball With Zip

Open A Jar Without Pains

Play Pain Free Golf


Do Your Hobby Pain Free

Play An Instrument

Take Your Life Back From Pain

Do What Pain Stops You From Doing



Renew Your Possibilities™
No Surgery. Quick & Safe.

Is it a Good Choice for Me?

Regenerative stem cell treatment is an innovative approach to establish or restore normal function by the use of cells that are directly derived from amniotic fluid.  The fluid is injected in to the affected area for treatment.

The Painless Process and Procedure

“Is regenerative stem cell treatment painful?”  That question is generally one of the first things a person asks when considering the procedure.  The answer is “no”.  Aside from the usual prick of an injection, it is pain free.  Best of all, it is a practical, safe and affordable solution to pain you may already have.

How it Works

Stem cell therapy uses nature’s amazing powers to heal the body.  Once injected, they go right to work on the afflicted areas.  There are three main ways in which they do so.

First, the stem cells produce a substance called hyaluronic acid which lubricates the joints.  Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found within the body.  As we age, however, our supply tends to diminish.  If too much is lost, movement within the joints can become quite painful.  By adding the natural substance back into your system, many find the pain is completely gone and that their joints can function like they used to again.

Secondly, stem cells release cytokines.  Cytokines are cell-signaling molecules which aid in cell-to-cell communication in such areas as immune responses.  They also promote the movement of other cells towards an inflamed site so the site can heal, naturally.  The cytokines that are released in stem cell therapy help reduce inflammation in the affected area which also decreases or eliminates the pain.

Thirdly, injecting stem cells promotes cellular growth so new joint tissue can be built.  By doing so, the root of the pain and debility can be addressed.  Re-growing healthy cells offers the optimal natural solution.

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What is the Source of the Stem Cells?

There are a number of sources for the stem cells that are used.  Some are donated from tissue like chorion or amnion.  Embryonic tissue is not used for this form of treatment.  The cells that are used possess an extremely high potential to regenerate.  They are processed in a sterile environment and are tested for safety and for purity as well.

Why Injections?

Why Injections?

Injections provide a direct route into the body so the therapeutic cells can be delivered straight to the affected area where they immediately begin working.

In addition, the majority of regenerative stem cell therapy recipients have reached the age where their own cells are too old to regenerate on their own.Therefore, direct administration is required in order to produce the desired results.

Can Stem Cell Therapy Help Me?

Can Stem Cell Therapy Help Me?

There are a multitude of conditions that regenerative stem cell treatment is helpful for.  Medical issues that are degenerative and arthritic in nature are prime candidates for the therapy, especially those that involve the hips, knees, shoulders, lower back and neck.  The treatment has been widely used to treat bone spurs, bursitis, tendonitis and degenerative cartilage.

How Soon Will My Pain be Relieved?

How Soon Will My Pain be Relieved?

When you are in constant pain, of course you want to know how soon you can get relief when receiving regenerative stem cell treatment.  Of course results vary and depend on one’s unique individual condition, but pain often diminishes quickly and within the first weeks after a treatment.  Many experience significant decrease in pain and their range of motion is greatly improved as well.

What are the Benefits of Regenerative Stem Cell Treatment?

The fact that regenerative stem cell treatment is a natural and non-invasive therapy makes it an optimal solution.  Patients are generally able to stop taking potentially addictive and destructive medications.  Regenerative stem cell therapy eliminates the possible risks that having surgery imposes.

There have been over 60,000 regenerative stem cell treatments reported nationally since this type of therapy began.  The injections are FDA regulated.  The cells are amniotic, not embryonic so there is no controversy where ethics are concerned.  Major problems or adverse effects have not been reported with this kind of treatment making it absolutely phenomenal.

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