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Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

Have you been injured in a car accident?

Extensive studies have revealed that car accidents injuries are the no. 1 leading cause of injuries and deaths in America. Almost 50,000 individuals die every year from motor vehicle crashes.

On average, about 3 million people suffer car-related injuries per year, and about 70% or 2 million or so will have to live with long-term and/or permanent disability.

Broken bones, fractures, dislocations, head injury, concussion, facial fracture, and whiplash are some of the most common form of injuries sustained in a car accident.

Head injuries are one of the most dangerous injuries one can have. Automobile accidents or any type of skull injury usually involve direct trauma to the brain. This type of injury may entail short and long-term symptoms and health risks. Permanent damage, disability or death can occur if not given proper attention.

A car collision can sometimes cause concussions. A concussion can happen when someone experieces a hard blow or trauma to the head. Concussions are the most common type of traumatic brain injury and can cause many physical, cognitive, and psychological symptoms, as well as transient loss of brain function.

Repeated concussions or severe cases can cause cumulative brain damage, long term disabilty, and sometimes death. Therefore, catching a concussion as early as possible is critical.

Prompt and proper diagnosis and treatment of a head injury can help one avoid complications that come with concussions. Early detection and proper care can increase the likelihood of recovery.

Car accidents can also cause what’s called a diffuse axonal injury (DAI). This is a serious injury that is caused by a strong rotation of the head or shaking similar to what is experienced during a serious car accident. This is a major injury that occurs when the brain remains stationary as the skull moves around due to the impact caused by the injury.

Head injuries are very serious and all motor vehicle accident injuries should be treated immediately by a professional. Nerve damage, joint injuries and head trauma are often times best treated by a Neurologist.

At Kentucky Neurology and Rehab we specialize in treatment of head related injuries sustained during a motor vehicle accident. Our board certified Neurologist and staff will diagnose your injuries and help put you on a plan to healing and recovery.